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    Work Culture at Daimler Trucks Asia

Work Culture

Open, Collaborative, Diverse

At the core of DTA are products, processes and, of course, our people. As a DTA employee, you will find a unique culture of openness, collaboration and discovery. A work environment which is diverse, performance based, and strives to bring a positive work-life balance.

At DTA you will find people from over forty-five countries working together bringing different viewpoints, approaches and answers to the table. This diversity challenges our instincts, broadens our views and solutions, and helps fuel our growth.

We believe happy people are productive employees. This is why we offer the flexibility to structure your work day, giving you the autonomy to get your job done, and still have time to enjoy other interests outside of the office. At DTA you are empowered to grow, learn and contribute at a high-level for the company’s success, and also for your own fulfillment.