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Participants will work on a real-life business challenge that FUSO faces today and the finalists will have a chance to pitch their ideas to our executives. As young students, your ideas can truly impact the future of the transport industry. Not only is this a competition, it is also an opportunity for us to evaluate and shape the future of mobility. The winning team will get to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Daimler Headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany.

  • Rules and Guidelines

  • The competition is open to all Bachelor’s students. Each team must comprise of 4 team members from the same university. (Master/Doctorate students are out of scope.)

  • The competition program and presentation materials will be in English. Students are encouraged to deliver the presentation in English, however, a translation device will be provided in case the students will present in Japanese (please contact us in advance).

  • 3. PROCESS


➢ Registration deadline: September 16, 2019

➢ To register, please have one member of your team email the application form to mftbc_hr_marketing@daimler.com. The team leader will be your team’s primary point of contact throughout the competition.

  • *Email Subject: FUSO Case Challenge Application from [University Name]

  • Once registered, the team will be provided with the participant kit which includes the task and the details of the case on September 18, 2019.
  • ➢ Task: Team will be asked to submit a 3-5 pages PowerPoint summary of the business case (via email) by October 6, 2019.
  • ➢ Outcome Announcement: October 21, 2019.
  • ➢ Nine teams will advance to the semi-final round and will be required to make the full presentation.
  • ➢ Non-finalists are still encouraged to attend and observe on Competition Day. Non-finalists will also receive the Certificate of Participation.
    • Semi-Final Round
    • The 9 finalists that will advance to the Semi-final Round are expected to make a 15-minute full presentation on November 29 at MFTBC Headquarters.
    • ➢ The 9 finalists will be randomly divided into 3 divisions which will be announced on the same day.
    • ➢ Time schedule: Each team has 30 minutes (Presentation: 15 min, Q&A: 15 min)
    • ➢ 1 team from each division will advance to the Final Round

Final Round

The Final Round will be held on the same day of the Semi-final Round. Top 3 teams (1 from each division) will advance to the Final Round and will present in the plenary hall where all participants, professors, judges and MFTBC executives are invited.

  • ➢ Top 3 teams are not allowed to modify their presentations at this point.
  • ➢ Time schedule: Each team has 35 minutes (Presentation: 15 min, Q&A: 20 min)

*Transportation costs (limited to economy-class domestic flights and Shinkansen tickets within Japan) for semi-finalists will be reimbursed up to a limit of 50,000 yen per person.”


  • 1st Prize: A Trip to Daimler Headquarters and Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • o MFTBC will mainly cover the flight costs and 3-day accommodation
  • 2nd Prize: Dinner voucher at Mercedes me Tokyo (JPY 30,000)
  • 3rd Prize: Dinner voucher at Mercedes me Tokyo (JPY 20,000)

*Due to unforeseeable circumstances, awards might be changed.

Participating Teams:

All participating teams will receive a Certificate of Participation and will be invited on the Competition Day and Networking reception on November 29, 2019.


For any questions, please feel free to reach us at mftbc_hr_marketing@daimler.com with email subject ‘FUSO CASE CHALLENGE’