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Anyone who travels in a Mercedes-Benz bus can relax secure in the knowledge that they're being guided by a lucky star – after all, over 120 years' experience of bus manufacture goes into every model. It was in 1895 that automotive pioneer Carl Benz built the world's first motor-driven bus, in Mannheim – and today, the city is still the centre for the Mercedes-Benz Bus brand. All of the vehicles embody the Mercedes-Benz goal of combining premium quality, excellent economy and the highest standards of safety.

In line with the requirements of the Indian transportation infrastructural requirements, Mercedes-Benz buses are available as Multi Axle rear engine coaches. Spanning to 15 meters of length, the bus provides for around 30mm additional seat space for a given layout compared to competition. The Super High Deck design of the bus helps in providing the largest luggage boot. The body based on the patented light weight Aluminique concept is roll over compliant and at the same time reduces overall weight thus resulting in higher fuel efficiency. The coach is available to customers in multiple seat layouts including combination layouts of Business Class and Economy class thanks to the flat floor construction. Mercedes-Benz has traditionally assumed the leadership in the development of environmentally-friendly, innovative drive system technologies.

We offer across the board highly economically-efficient, environmentally-friendly, innovative vehicles, tailored to customers' requirements and their intended application. Low total costs of ownership (TCO) and reduction of emissions are the central issues we focus on. Mercedes Benz buses are supported through a sales and service network spread across 85 locations.

Like no other manufacturer in the world, Mercedes-Benz has taken responsibility for the bus. Not just because Carl Benz built the very first bus ever in 1895. But also because since then Mercedes-Benz has developed it further into a highly efficient, safe, environmentally-compatible means of transport

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